Chris Cucchiara, co-founder

Chris_SmallFor over thirty-five years Chris has been coaching individuals in the areas of lifestyle mastery and servant leadership. Through his coaching he has enjoyed seeing thousands of people fulfill their highest potential in life while achieving optimal health and clarity of purpose!

Coach Chris’ philosophies were sculpted through his “real life” experiences as an eight year national title holder in competitive body building and as a successful serial entrepreneur in the health, fitness and wellness industries for more than thirty-five years.

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Daniel Van Bogelen, co-founder

daniel-van-bogelen-headshotDaniel is an experienced brand strategist, having founded SDM (Strategic Digital Marketing) over 15 years ago. He serves as the chief marketing officer for POP. He has a heart for helping small businesses thrive in the local community. He has helped dozens of entrepreneurs unleash their true potential by sifting and strategizing, through branding, technology, and creating an integrated solution that helps gives them the confidence to launch their venture successfully.

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Jeff Forrest, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, co-founder

Jeff-Purple Suit PhotoJeff has been in the financial services industry for over 35 years and has interviewed thousands of individuals in regards to their money attitudes, values and objectives. He possesses the “head knowledge” by earning eight advanced degrees and designations. Next year, he’ll complete his Doctorate in Global Training & Development, from NorthCentral University, an accredited university. However, its the “street knowledge” that Jeff is most passionate about in sharing as to how families can help PREVENT financial challenges by taking a proactive preventative approach. Underneath the POP Umbrella, Jeff has created an engaging, participatory workshop titled “The Seven Pillars of Financial Freedom”.

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