Prevention on Purpose (POP) was founded out of the need to help educate our community and communities around the world to shift their thinking and belief system from reactive intervention to proactive prevention.

It is an exciting time in our world right now, especially for entrepreneurs. I’m sure you would agree with me, all the luxuries we have come to enjoy were born out of the need to solve a problem or provide better solutions, which have always been driven by an out-of-the-box thinking entrepreneur.

Big corporations are not going to solve the world’s problems; it’s going to take entrepreneurial servant leadership to lock arms and collaborate with local businesses owners and community leaders to truly affect the change needed in order to raise-up and preserve future generations.

POP is a community enterprise made up of local business professionals and entrepreneurs committed to serving the community through educational seminars and workshops that focus on proactive prevention. We are confident that POPs Tribe of servant leaders will make a significant difference in preserving future generations.

POP collaborates with local non-profit organizations making a measurable difference on the Central Coast and around the world.

POP provides a master-mind platform that encourages collaboration versus competition; which allows local business professionals and entrepreneurs to grow and excel with other like-minded individuals, hence; creating sustainable purpose-driven businesses.

Our Philosophy

POP encourages an integrated and is multidisciplinary approach, inspiring individuals to experience true wealth. True wealth is an all-inclusive condition that encompasses the whole. Placing more emphasis in one area, to the exclusion of another, does not allow for a balanced life. Developing a balance in mind, body, and spirit is the very essence of living a fully integrated life: Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Relationally, Nutritionally, Socially, and Environmentally.