Maximizing Our Health Potential through Innovative & Leading-Edge Therapies

Saturday November 4th 

Check in: 12:30pm. Event: 1pm – 5pm

Courtyard by Marriott
1605 Calle Joaquin
San Luis Obispo, CA


Staying Healthy in an Era of Nuclear Radiation, GMOs, and Geoengineering

Saturday April 29th 

Check in: 12:30pm.
Event: 1pm – 5pm

Courtyard by Marriott
1605 Calle Joaquin
San Luis Obispo, CA


What is Prevention On Purpose?

A movement of like-minded individuals committed to impacting future generations while living on purpose.

The Seven Pillars Of Prevention on Purpose


POP encourages an integrated and is multidisciplinary approach, inspiring individuals to experience true wealth. True wealth is an all-inclusive condition that encompasses the whole. Placing more emphasis in one area, to the exclusion of another, does not allow for a balanced life. Developing a balance in mind, body, and spirit is the very essence of living a fully integrated life: Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Relationally, Nutritionally, Socially, and Environmentally.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

— Benjamin Franklin

Prevention on Purpose (POP) was founded out of the need to help educate our community and communities around the world to shift their thinking and belief system from reactive intervention to proactive prevention.

We reach out to our community with:



Prevention On Purpose

Heavy metals are very toxic to the body and cause many health issues! They are also very difficult to remove from your body-until now! The HOCATT is your best solution! Check out these results. ... See MoreSee Less

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Below are just a few of the many benefits you’ll experience:
• Detoxification for the entire body
• Chelates heavy metals
• Kills parasites, candida, mold and bacteria
• Improved cardiovascular function
• Improves circulation
• Strengthens the immune system
• Blood pressure normalization
• Increases sexual vitality and stamina
Increases athletic performance
• Activates metabolism
Burns 600 calories in a 30-minute session
• Glamorous, smooth and youthful skin
• Improved mental clarity and memory
• Increased energy
• Noticeable pain reduction
• Reduce chronic infections and inflammations
• Cellulite reduction
• Extends the healthy years of your life
• Helps bring your body back into homeostasis
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